What we do

Swanson Communications provides clients with unique, creative and tailored communications strategies to navigate victories in the rough and tumble world of campaigns and public affairs. With a keen understanding of the rhythm of campaigns and 24-hour news cycles, we take a focused approach to meeting our clients’ needs and providing the structure to succeed. Whether working on issue-advocacy, crisis communications, ballot measures, or legislative races, we work with clients to create a winning framework and shape public perception. Learn about our many areas of expertise below.

Campaign Strategy
Robin Swanson has twenty years of experience working on candidate, political and issue-based campaigns. She provides her clients with keen insight into how to construct winning messages and strategies, and works with campaign teams to execute them.

Communications Strategy
Whether it’s navigating California’s vast and diverse media markets, pitching a national news story, or helping a message go viral, Swanson Communications creates and executes successful communications strategies on behalf of our clients. Every client is different and every plan is unique, but we deliver meaningful results by keeping our eye on big picture goals and following up on critical details. 

Message Development
At the heart of any winning campaign, whether issue-based or candidate-focused, is a compelling and concise message that resonates. Swanson Communications uses the best research available to us, creates foundational messaging and finds a compelling way to communicate that message to key audiences.

Media Relations
Understanding what reporters need, whether that means knowing their angle, their beat or their deadline, is mission critical to our clients’ success. Swanson Communications has strong relationships with reporters and editorial writers throughout California and nationally, and knows how to get the most mileage out of any given pitch. We also know how to pivot a news story back to message when the news cycle strays in a different direction.

Social Media
Communicating through social media is more important than ever as people increasingly expect to get their news in real time – and knowing exactly how and when to engage social media is essential. As quickly as social media can help amplify a message, it can also throw months of work on messaging and branding into a tail-spin. We help clients get the most out of social media with thoughtful and creative strategies that break through the clutter and stay on message.

Crisis Communications
No client likes to be in the midst of a crisis, but nothing is more critical than finding the right way to communicate a message in tough circumstances. Communicating a key message during a difficult time can make the difference between prolonging and amplifying the crisis, or moving forward and turning the page.

Coalition Outreach
For any campaign to be successful, all stakeholders need messaging tools and resources to feel empowered and engaged. Swanson Communications creates internal messaging and helps clients communicate those messages consistently and effectively. We give coalitions the communications firepower to win.

Event Management
From press conferences and product launches to informational briefings and symposiums, Swanson Communications works with a team of event organizers to implement and execute impactful and memorable events. When it comes to events for clients, we know that every detail matters, and our follow-through wins the day every time.

Media Training
For clients to succeed in communicating a key message to the media, we provide in-depth media trainings. We equip our clients with the skills to effectively communicate key messages, directly answer difficult questions, and pivot back to the main messaging when an interview goes off-topic – this makes them unstoppable!