CalNewsroom lists Swanson in "Capitol's 100 Best and Brightest" List

"Robin is the queen of mixing moxie and message. She can craft a winning message, put a pushy reporter on notice, and successfully win over an editorial board, all before 10 am. She’s deeply committed to the causes, campaigns, candidates and clients she represents and brings a tenacity and confidence that leads to victory time and again. She spent years of honing her craft under Gale Kaufman’s tutelage. Swanson’s led messaging and media for the Education Coalition and Assembly Speaker John Perez.”


Capitol Weekly names Swanson "One to Watch"

"At a recent rally against Prop. 8, a protestor carried a sign that read:

‘Dear chickens, can we borrow your political consultant? Signed, the gays.’

Part of the team was communications specialist Robin Swanson, who organized numerous photo opps in support for the farm animal rights measure.”


San Francisco Chronicle mentions Swanson's work for California's Education Coalition

Hiring Swanson just days after Schwarzenegger proposed his austere budget in January was no coincidence: She’s beaten him before…

Working with Kaufman Campaign Consultants, a well-connected Democratic campaign firm in Sacramento, Swanson has been hailed as a rising star for handing upset victories to her clients and attracting press like a magnet.”


Swanson named a "Rising Star of Politics" by Campaigns and Elections Magazine

She coordinated press events that received unprecedented news coverage and helped the Alliance for a Better California defeat all of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s initiatives, despite his high approval ratings. In 2006, she became a regular television commentator, and appears regularly on FOX News’ ‘Hannity & Colmes’ and Sacramento’s News10.

In 2006, her cachet continued to rise with a series of high-profile victories on statewide initiative campaigns, coordinating an earned media plan that helped pass a statewide education bond and defeat a campaign finance measure.”